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Master Please...... Hurt me Sweetly (BoyxBoy)

Master Please...... Hurt me Sweetly (BoyxBoy)

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Teddy Bear Naya(☆^O^☆) By BoyLove4Life Completed

"But you can call me master my pretty little angel."

Angel is only nineteen years old. He's studying law and is a really good writer. He doesn't drink or smoke.  Angel not a really sexually guy... In fact he's still a virgin, but something really soon might change that.

Mason, 25 years old, owns his own business and is highly appreciated. Never has he been the one to chase after what or who he wants, he always have them chasing after him. But that all changes when he meets Angel and only God knows what he'll do to get him as his to submissive.

I'm gunna guess this is gunna be like 50shades of gray and 50shades darker
Endo__ Endo__ May 01
Well i mean i have this interview this evening and i really want this job so i can have some money, buy some things, help my mom,  maybe feel a little better about myself in the if you could like pray with me that I get this job that'd be great, babe.
I see a lot of writers writing mines now adays and I'm just like "MMMMMMMM"
fite_me13 fite_me13 May 15
My future college tuition, a 2 story ocean/lake front home, a Bugatti, um pizza
Why?! Not?! Daddy?! 
                              I'm joking to myself cause I love Master!!!
ch01xx ch01xx 6 days ago
Hello .. I'm sorry can I ask u what BDSM mean..  I'm new with this thing so 😳 pls help me ..😂