The Devil's Angel-NaLu-

The Devil's Angel-NaLu-

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A dreamer By CHarmaineH19 Updated Sep 22

Heaven and Hell,
An angel and a devil,
Black and white,
Light and dark...

Like a fitting key that matches its lock, and like the sinful Romeo and Juliet. 

They were made for each other.
Their love is destined but forbidden.

It was a cruel game fate will play after they lost each other in the last one.

'Our memories of the past were covered by a fog...'

Lucy, reborn as an angel princess of Heaven is kidnapped for magic and claimed to be the prince of Hell's personal maid.

Her master is him, a devilish young prince who accepted her despite their differences and fell in love with her but he knew that they couldn't be together.

The angelic lady feels the same.

They weren't free to love each other and was abided by the laws that limits them from being together.

Would they ever find a way to be together and end their Fairy Tail story with a Happily-Ever-After ending?

Nostalgic but tearful..
A romantic tale of an Angel and a Devil.

"You're my Angel...The Devil's Angel..."-Natsu 

Go on an adventure of reading their love story!Find out more!
Disclaimer- Hiro Mashima owns Fairy Tail.

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Cold0Prince Cold0Prince Jun 26
So Lisanna packed her bags and said "Goodbye,hell! Good day to you,heaven!"
StarkCave StarkCave Jul 15
*cough* NATSU *cough* whew! Sorry I had a bit of a tickle there
Cold0Prince Cold0Prince Jun 26
Is Jude a noble angel,god or some kind of king of the angles?
                              If he's god,then shouldn't it be Jude-Kami?
Crystal_meloetta12 Crystal_meloetta12 Jun 08, 2016
Jude was never EVIL, he just did not know what he was DOING. Anyone else remember when he returned?
Chum_of_FT Chum_of_FT Jun 04, 2016
I love how you are so creative with this story line and I love how you've created a whole story for everyone that is so unique yet also relating to their characteristics in the actual anime and it's just all so good.  Loving the story so far!
Robinlover21 Robinlover21 Jun 21, 2016
You are right, Jude was never evil just upset, sad, and scared.