Just Accept Me

Just Accept Me

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My heart skipped a beat as his face darkened. He took a menacing step forward, causing me to take a tentative step back. Seeing the motion caused him to growl and stalk towards me, grabbing me before I could move any further. 

"Don't." He nuzzled his face in my neck, my eyes fluttering shut at his proximity. He left a gentle kiss on my neck before lifting his face to look at me. 

"Don't you ever try to leave me. I. Will. Find. You." I gulped at the fire in his eyes. I'm stuck.


Katherine. A girl who couldn't escape reality for just a second until one day she meets the one. But will the one be her hero? Or will he be her death...


This book is old I'm working on improving it!!!! Please stay tuned as I rip this book apart and glue it back together!!!

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I like the intro
                              But they abuse her so badly my heart goes out to her
I have an older sister who's 9 months older, she was born in September and i was born in june, and we're in the same year group in school
WhatsIt2U WhatsIt2U Jun 11, 2016
I like stories that have Irish twins instead of actual twins.... I don't know I think they're just more interesting
jess0365 jess0365 Oct 04, 2016
What was the reason for their hatred she can't shift or she is a runt because there are normally different reasons but I don't know this one
shishtershlumped shishtershlumped May 28, 2015
You know what I have to say to this bîtćh  fûćk you and your eyebrows!
I have a sister  that thinks she's better then everybody else  she put me through. Hell for 3 yrs  when I tried to leave. After a year she told the cops I was a retard they believed. Her lie and brought me back she knows how to manipulate  people but not me I just kept trying...take that