Minizerk Oneshots

Minizerk Oneshots

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Warning: Lots of smut! Don't read if you don't like smut/boyxboy 

Josh's pov

'Hey Simon you having a little trouble mate?' JJ asked Simon and laughed.

I didn't know what JJ meant until I saw Simon blush and look down at the bulge in his pants. An idea formed in my head and I smirked. I wouldn't normally have the bottle to do things like this but the boys and I were out drinking and I was a little drunk. I took one last shot of vodka and shuffled closer to Simon.

'I can help you with that if you want?' I whispered in Simons ear. I heard him gulp.

'Erm yeah, I'd like that. But are you sure? We haven't um ya know, done anything yet.' Simon said and blushed even more.

I knew why Simon was nervous. Since we had gotten together a few months ago we had only gone as far as kissing and snuggling in bed. We hadn't gone all the way yet. But that was about to change. Tonight. I could see he wanted it and I did too. I wanted to be closer to him, to love him more than I already did. 

'Relax S...

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MoonGeek MoonGeek Nov 18, 2015
XD  I'm doing homework and decided to take a small break this is what i come to! Any way great story <3 lots of love!!!!
GoldenPineapple GoldenPineapple Nov 18, 2015
Loved it bro! You're an amazing author, I can't wait to read more <3