Sugar Daddy • Phan

Sugar Daddy • Phan

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Dan needs a job, and fast. He's past due on his rent. Needs to pay for his college. And most importantly pay for new equipment for gaming. But he has no money. So he searches on the Internet for a well paying job that he would be eligible for.

During his searching his comes across a man named Phillip Lester. It's a simple job, quite appealing to Dan as well.

He wouldn't need to go to college. He wouldn't have to pay for rent. Pay for clothes, gaming equipment, food, nothing. He just simply needed to pleasure Phil when ever how ever and where ever Phil pleased.

And Dan was determined to get this job, no matter the circumstances.

EmmaTrash EmmaTrash Oct 01
bitCH i eat whatever i want and dan should too leave him alOne
lashes?? ahh that's a lot and no safe word for it ahhh that's scary
no, the safe word is supposed to be used always, what if it's to much to handle??
Lash makes me thing of sMOL bean Phil getting fake mascara and tickling dan's neck with us and Dan screaming pHIl LesTER
if that were me all he'll be watching is me watching supernatural
nuh-uh-uh safe words always apply no matter what is happening