Dear Dan (an adopted by phan story)

Dear Dan (an adopted by phan story)

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mewdakitty By mewdakitty Updated Mar 20, 2018

(Warning: mentions of cutting and depression, I will add warnings on chapters with cutting, but depression is not going to be labeled)

Samantha has had it rough, she is a lesbian and that fact made her parents disown her, she has a friend named Hanna, who's mom died in a car crash with her baby sister, and who's dad was horrible. Child services took her to the orphanage, and her and Samantha just clicked. They each only have 1 friend. Each other . Sam has cut. Cut cut cut the tears away. Only thing keeping her from ending it all? Them. Youtubers. More specifically, Dan and Phil. When Samantha writes to Dan for Internet support group, her whole life changes.

"Look outside into the night, what do you see Sam?"


"Try again"

"Well I see stars too."

"What do you notice about them?"

"They shine...?"

 "but none of them, will ever, shine as bright as you"

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