Blood Trade│Vampyre Series #1│Complete

Blood Trade│Vampyre Series #1│Complete

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Her slim fingers took hold of the buttons on her chiffon shirt, skillfully pulling it off, while she watched Aura's beautiful face for some reaction. Her hands then went to the skinny black jeans on her hips and slid down the zipper, peeling it off her body as she kept her gaze on Aura. She pushed the clothes behind with a smart kick of her heels and walked to the front of the bed.

'Gisela? What are you up to?' she whispered. Her voice barely reached the girl's ears. But she knew her plan was working, with the way Aura shifted uncomfortably under the huge pile of sheets.

'I am trying to tempt you.' Gisela whispered and moved closer. 


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*cover by @SinisterSushi*

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A/N: This story contains EXPLICIT SCENES, SEX, GIRLXGIRL, VIOLENCE, and BLOOD. If you are under the age of 18 please refrain from reading any further. The story will be categorized in the restricted section. I hope you enjoy.

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CowardlyComb975 CowardlyComb975 Sep 26, 2016
Starting another amazing Adventure into another book exciting
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This sounds good,, i hope it is as good as it sounds... #fingerscrossed
FajharZ FajharZ Apr 17, 2015
Really good title! I have been waiting to read this story, and somehow it disappeared in my library. I am happy that I found it again, because I know it will be good!
Ashe_Hime Ashe_Hime Dec 21, 2014
I will be reading more soon,I'm just working on my Code Geass Story at the moment. @xxSMxx
- - Apr 10, 2014
Its cute how Aura is protecting Gisela. I suppose Gisela isn't a vampire or is she?
YamilexLopez YamilexLopez Mar 03, 2014
jajajaja yea ill try to sleep early today.. no promises thoo ;D jajaj