Genie of the Puzzle

Genie of the Puzzle

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Artemis Silver By ArtemisSilver478 Updated Sep 06, 2017

Puzzleshipping Aladdin Parody with an abridged twist!!!

Riff raff, street rat. Yami is desperate to rise above these rags and prove that he's worth so much more. 

And then there's Prince Yugi. He has to marry before his next birthday, but all his suitors are a waste of time. Not to mention, he's never been outside the palace walls.

For a moment they're together, and then the next Yami needs to find this puzzle that is apparently important because reasons.

This puzzle has a Genie that will provide three wishes to their master. 

Yami has three wishes, and only one chance.

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GreenTeaAxolotl GreenTeaAxolotl Apr 28, 2016
pokemon123789 pokemon123789 Feb 03, 2017
                              For all I know, you are a criminal who wants to murder me
                              ^^ WHAT JASMINE SHOULD HAVE SAID
Anubis7ornot Anubis7ornot Mar 14, 2016
I am so excited right now, you have no idea. Bakura as Jafar is a YES!!! XD
UbiquitousH UbiquitousH Sep 26, 2016
I wasn't really convinced, but then I saw your last point AND NOW I'M A BELIEVER 
                              (BAKURA AS JAFAR 10/10 YESSS)
Angelistic272 Angelistic272 Feb 03, 2016
Yes, thank you! I'm one of those few people who do not appreciate smüts and such xD
fluttercordislife fluttercordislife Mar 12, 2016
But for real if you do sleeping beauty, it definitely needs to be theifshipping, I feel like that would be hilarious