Her Boyfriend's Girlfriend (GirlXGirl)

Her Boyfriend's Girlfriend (GirlXGirl)

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Adam Bennett - insensitive, player extraordinaire, shamelessly flirts with any girl he pleases any time or place. He has been cheating on his girlfriend of two years with a girl from another school for the past year.

Peyton Saunders - athletic, punky, rebel, has been dating Adam for the past two years halfheartedly. She wants more, she wants different and she knows exactly what that is and it's definitely not Adam but she must bide her time.

Sadie Wells - sweet, naive, fashionista, has been wholeheartedly dating Adam for the past year. She is in heaven. Or so she thinks.

What happens when Peyton finds out that Adam has been cheating on her? What happens when she tracks down Sadie and eventually confronts her? Will they join forces against Adam? Will they become archenemies and fight for their man? Only time will tell.

lilgirl124 lilgirl124 Jul 27
I just realized dis hole time Ive been readin Kimberly as kaitlyn
So glad I started reading this. Kimberly is, Kimmy from the book 'It isn't illegal it's love', correct?
LOLLL "I wouldn't care if you are attracted to motorcars" I know this is your story because Casey said something similar to Justine in "It's not Illegal, It's love"!
MyzzSweetz MyzzSweetz Sep 19
I love your works so I'm just gonna go ahead and enjoy another :)
- - Sep 15
I defend  strict parents for what they do a lot of the time but that's mot being strict that's being abusive and neglectful. TAKE CARE OF YOUR FREAKING CHILD
I see what you did there Peyton 😉 changing the subject so you don't have to answer the question