The Feeling

The Feeling

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ashlehhhh By Ashispink Updated Oct 26, 2016

I left a trail in of hot kisses down his neck.

I pulled away to give him a sly and sedusive smile.

My smile disappeared as I pulled him towards me by the collar of his shirt, my lips to his ear.

"" I whispered.

His hands found their way to my waist, is hands slipping under my shirt.

He pressed our bodies together even more than before, only the unessesairy layer of clothing between us.

He backed me up against the nearest wall and looked into my eyes confidently.

He was about to challenge me.

"You" he told me, "are going to have to beg harder than that."

He let go of me and left me yearnin for his touch.

What the hell?


He was a billionaire who could get any girl he wanted

she was a girl who didn't have much and didn't take shit from anyone 

Sabrina is a 21 year old waitress at your local cafe. She has a very dark and secretive past, can only rely on herself and has minimal options in her life at the moment

Jackson is a 25 year old billionaire who doesn't know what love feeks like. He's ruthless, arogant and is a very eligible bachelor who could get any girl he wanted.

When the two meet, their lives change and a very important deal is made.

She's a girl who longs to be loved

He's a guy who never had the chance to love

Sabrina made a deal with the devil...a very handsome one at least

  • interracial
  • jackson
  • money
  • romance
  • sabrina
rosinettexoxo rosinettexoxo Mar 02, 2016
hahahaha so funny I can't stop laughing at the ting smile part btw nice plot I love it so far
Catzlover4life Catzlover4life Mar 05, 2016
Im gonna follow this story cuz I know its gonna be huge soon and ill be like I was there from the start, like bitch i was the second commenter!
rosinettexoxo rosinettexoxo Mar 02, 2016
I love your personality you are funny, yes I am the first to comment