You, Reject Me?

You, Reject Me?

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Duchess Viorra By VHThompson Updated Mar 27

She never thought it would happen.
She had guessed what he might be to her but never thought he would say it.
"I, Alpha Grainger Hellion Dawnter of the Cliptic Moon Pack, reject you Calista Eloise Hunter as my mate and future Luna of my pack."

He did it.
He really rejected her.
What an jackass!
Does he know who he just rejected?

Fine. He doesn't want her.
Then it's time to pack her bags and leave to find a new and even better, stronger pack.

Little did she know that in leaving she would find exactly what she needed and become the person she always wanted to be.

Who knew her life would turn out like this?
She certainly didn't.


Now I know this story title and story description sounds cliché, and if you think that you'd be right. But to tell the truth...that's the point. It was my plan, the  plan for this story is to take your typical cliché story and give it a huge twist. So if you're willing, actually keep reading the story and you'll realize it's not cliché at all.

  • kickass
  • rejection
  • rogues
  • strength
  • werewolf
ShadowRing100 ShadowRing100 Aug 07, 2016
😒 just read 
                              Regret thee rejection and it will be better then this. this book is like a copy write. Except they copied the idea and changed the character names
VcQuill VcQuill Apr 25, 2016
Dood, I just read the description. 
                              Just sure this isn't cliche? Because it sure as hell sounds like it.
Sareena15 Sareena15 Jun 29, 2016
Starting this whoop hahahahaha it looks interesting I read the Description