Rule Two// c.h

Rule Two// c.h

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"We're in your dorms Calum!" I exclaimed as he lifted me up onto his low dresser and started kissing down my neck. "What about your roommate?" I asked pushing him back.

"Oh come on, you saw me put an X on the whiteboard on the door." He said with a smirk running his hands up my thighs and to my hips. 

"Yeah I noticed and what I also know is if my brother ever sees an X on that whiteboard that he didn't write, then he's going to kill you." Calum huffed and moved away, stopping his assault on my neck. I gave him a knowing look, crossing my arms.

"Fine, I'll erase it." He grumbled. "But God when we get back to the car Kitten, you better be prepared." I rolled my eyes as he opened his bedroom door.

Having a boyfriend in college came with a lot of benefits like parties and alcohol. The only downside, he was rooming with my big brother. Guess we're just going to have to not get caught.


It's been almost a year since Calum and Lily first began dating and now Calum is college bond while Lily is stuck in their hometown as a senior in high school. While Lily trusts Calum not to cheat on her, she knows how long distance relationships work. Calum may only be an hour away but without a car, Lily has no way of getting to him and she refuses to let him come home every weekend and miss out on all the fun weekend college parties. Can their love survive a semester or will it be better to break up and get over each other as fast as they can?

#1 Rule One: Friends Are Off Limits
#2 Rule Two: Don't Get Caught

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lsosldoeeoyd lsosldoeeoyd Jun 21, 2017
All i can picture her dad looking like is Harry Potters uncle
I FOUND THIS SO FUNNY and no one is commenting on how funny it was. Maybe I have a low sense of humor 😂🤫
uhlilma_fics uhlilma_fics Jun 26, 2017
I scrolling then I stopped here and I thought she was calling call daddy
xx-drummer-xx xx-drummer-xx Dec 02, 2017
My mom would do something like that.  But my bother and i don't hug, so...
blakeftnate_ blakeftnate_ Jul 06, 2017
He's self proclaimed reckless from the first book don't lie to your dad