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Happy Endings? (Sequel to Supernatural Summer)

Happy Endings? (Sequel to Supernatural Summer)

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Melaniethegreat12 By Melaniethegreat12 Updated 5 days ago

(Y/N) and Bill have been going steady for a couple years now. Everything seems to be going great until (Y/N)'s friend Mason comes to visit. Drama then rises as an old friend of Bill's comes to visit and leaves (Y/N) wondering if it was ever meant to be

Oh Pinetree, you cute nerd, marry now.
                              Bill: but...I thought you loved me
                              I do but...sempai...I...Cipher...
                              Bill: I love but you need to choose ONE
                              Heck I'll put y'all to a fight to death
                              Winner gets me --Or I could just marry both of you
                              Dipper: you have to choose one
CardboardPoet413 CardboardPoet413 Jul 30, 2016
                              blonde hair
                              light coloured eyes
                              sounds like reader has a type
Ultrajess Ultrajess Nov 22, 2016
Clever author, Mason is actually Dipper's real name. Dipper said that Dipper is just a nickname then everybody got used to it and it was too late to tell them
HetaliaLove10 HetaliaLove10 Jul 16, 2016
Oh no
                              Oh hail naw
                              That reminds me of something 
                              By brother was waching the weather Chanel thing and it was like
                              Do we like weather? Hail Yeah! I was like O.o-:-3- ;-D
LoveWinterwatcher LoveWinterwatcher Feb 21, 2016
                              BILL AND ME= I DUNNO L-loouve-love? NAW ITS CALLED LIVOVE
Everyone else is saying it, so why the hell not? Dipper's real name is Mason.