Teenager Posts

Teenager Posts

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Phoebe By CapitalLetter Completed

Just bored, so decided to share these posts I found written by the awesome teens of this generation. Hope you can relate!

This book is actually for people who have escaped from the asylum. 

WARNING: Side effects of reading this book include:

1. Your parents wanting to disown you because they will start to think you're a psychopath.

2. Stupidity.

3. Idiocy.

4. Becoming part of the mentally challenged... actually, you do all that just fine on your own, don't you?

School= 7 hours with no anime, and a week of no anime for me because I'm not allowed to watch anime on week days ;-;
abby2021 abby2021 Dec 13, 2015
7 hours if you count home room and if you don't, 6 hours and 30 min
- - Nov 02, 2015
You Guys are lucky, I Got Frickin 9 hours Plus 1 For Tutor 0^0
BookGirlRocks BookGirlRocks Oct 05, 2015
I could spend a thousand years reading these and it would still be not enough! ;)
xxyourbeautifulxx xxyourbeautifulxx Aug 27, 2015
C.l.a.s.s come late and start sleeping.
                              F.i.n.a.l.s FUK I never actually learned sht
RanyaHZ RanyaHZ Aug 22, 2015
I used to have 7 hours but now that I'm not there anymore I wish I hadn't thought like that when I had the chance to be with my best friends/family because they gave me the best year of my life, and I might not see half of them ever again but I swear I'll never forget them.