The Raven Neko [SasuNaru] [BoyxBoy] [ON HOLD]

The Raven Neko [SasuNaru] [BoyxBoy] [ON HOLD]

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Adam By MafiaRainbow Updated Aug 16, 2016

[Contains BoyxBoy/Yaoi. Don't Like, Don't Read.] 

Sasuke Uchiha, one of the last living Nekos. Since his kind is almost extinct he is hunted, chased, and wanted dead by most. Getting into bloody fights, stealing, and even more mischief soon comes to bite him on the tail.
Almost losing his life, he thinks it's all over and that he in fact failed the Uchiha Clan and especially his mother. Well that is until a certain blonde with blue eyes and cat whiskers stumbles onto the bloody Neko.

Naruto Uzumaki, his name is, takes the Raven kitten home and cleans him up. Little did he know that   the decision of taking Sasuke back home and having him as his 'pet' would change his life forever.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto!
[Also Has slight NaruKiba...]

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_-Hikaru-Hitachiin-_ _-Hikaru-Hitachiin-_ Jun 17, 2017
For some reason I thought that said 'cleansed' and I was like... is some weird ritual about to happen... then I reread it like 8 times xD
Deaths_a_fucker_69 Deaths_a_fucker_69 Jun 15, 2017
Well naruto already has a fox demon so he's a fox neko I guess Idk so I guess sasuke can be a Neko
the_yaoigoddess the_yaoigoddess Nov 03, 2016
I'm actually considering making this ship 'shippable' from my point of view at the sake....
                              *searches for fanart* *nosebleeds* new ship ;-;
Fujoshi_Otakuz Fujoshi_Otakuz Jun 30, 2016
I thought this was SasuNaru 😢 WHY HAVE YOY BETRAYED ME BOOK COVER?!?
- - Aug 18, 2016
                              No..No..No!! We all like Sasunaru not whatever Kiba and Naruto's ship name is
AiMila AiMila Sep 06, 2016
No! Naru Kiba ain't the one!!! Break up with him this instant mister!!!