Crystal Tears (Levi x Eren)

Crystal Tears (Levi x Eren)

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Sinata Takako By EreriForever839 Updated Sep 10

Thank you to all of the people who have actually read my stories! You've really made my day.
This one was suggested to me by my friends at school so enjoy! P.S. I've dedicated it to one of my very special friends, she doesn't have an account here but I felt like I should anyways.
"The boy was wandering in the woods all by himself. His hair was a powdery white, and it got whiter the more I studied him. He was dressed in human clothes, yet his eyes were abnormal. A blue-green that looked like crystals."
Levi was an everyday student who attended Trost high. It wasn't like he had anything special in his life. His parents died and he lived alone in his own apartment. He often would venture not too deep into the forest behind his home. But a sight of moving white wolf caught his eye, and he would follow it. He never did catch the wolf until it stopped. And when the moving white wolf it stopped, it would turn out to be a beautiful human boy with pure white hair. He would study him everyday, watching. And one day he realizes he has feelings for him. Too late does he realize that it was never meant to be. Or would it?
Eren was a regular boy. Er. . well, he used to anyways. Living to almost a thousand years, he was born with powers. Unique ones I should say. He lived in peace until his parents died, and he was riduculed for his random changes into a wolf. When everything started to change around him, he sought refuge in the snowy forest. No one knew why it always snowed there, but it was the only place where a lone wolf like him could go. One day, he smells someone. A boy was watching him. Not ridiculing him, hacking stones just . . watching him. Curious, he lets him follow him everyday and soon changes to human form in front of him. And one day, he feels a strange warmth in his chest.

"Could it be that this strange boy had melted the chilled heart of mine?"

I own nothing but the idea, credit to the artist that designed the cover.

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