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Burning Wings (A Team Crafted Fanfic)

Burning Wings (A Team Crafted Fanfic)

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Octavia Shadows By HarmonicShadows Updated 6 hours ago

Mitch felt like his life was perfectly normal, well, at least as normal as life can be when you make YouTube videos for a living in a house with the six other lovable lunatics known as Team Crafted. One day in the middle of summer however, he wasn't expecting to be throwing himself in front of a speeding truck to save the life of a girl in the middle of the road.

Mitch knew he was supposed to die from that accident, but what he wasn't expecting was for that girl to instead be a lost spirit, who says she can revive Mitch, but with a catch. Mitch immediately agrees for the chance to be with his friends again, and he wakes up once again in the world of the living. 

However, after two days, Mitch finds out what the spirit meant by 'catch'. He wakes to find a pair of big wings on his back, and now the Benja began to understand that he was only in for more...

Trying his best to hide the fact that he died, came back to life, and has wings from the prying eyes of his friends (who are wondering why the heck he is acting so weird...), he tries to continue living his life as normal as possible, but as Mitch soon learns, fate is not going to let that happen...

Chibi_Mitch Chibi_Mitch Mar 10
Meanwhile, other people have been found in their house dead. A bloody knife right beside them as suicide or they hung themselves.......
You see, doc, you just got served a nope sandwich with extra nope sauce
Chocomummy Chocomummy Jun 10, 2016
                              I just see him just like with the tongue out and cross eyes
Midnight_Daze_Fanfic Midnight_Daze_Fanfic Sep 25, 2016
Everyone: *cri*
                              Mitch: Did I miss anything?
                              Me: YOU DIED MITCH
DatZeldaFanGurl DatZeldaFanGurl Dec 20, 2016
I would say hi to Momofuko Ando, creator of ramen. Bless his eternal soul.
Midnight_Daze_Fanfic Midnight_Daze_Fanfic Sep 25, 2016
Arrested for Manslaughter
                              Yes it's Manslaughter
                              Not Murder