I Choose You

I Choose You

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Meet Prince Jackson Overland Frost.

A cold, stubborn and spoilt prince who doesn't care about anyone else than himself. When the prince turns twenty, he has to pick a wife by random. This isn't his choice, obviously. But rules are rules. Can whoever the chosen wife is, put up with such a stubborn prince? 

Now meet Elsa Arendelle.

A hardworking, positive and beautiful young woman who is forced into being one of the future wives of Prince Jack. Can she cope with his idioticness? Or will she storm her way out? 

Because Elsa is the one he chose. 

"And who are you?" She asked, furrowing her eyes. He let out a chuckle.

"You don't know who your future king is?"

"Well let me tell you something, you're one arrogant man who doesn't deserve to be king." She spat out the word 'king' like it was her enemy.

"Well too bad, because you're the first one I'll put into the dungeon." She glared at him.

"And you'll be the first prince I'll ever kill."

Disclaimer- I do not own the characters. Disney and Dreamworks does and I'm glad about that. Enjoy!

Cover by: exoticdisney

Gaby_Hemmo19 Gaby_Hemmo19 Jan 20, 2016
I accidentally read it as mama told me to always hoe down to him.......OOPS
ShiroRun ShiroRun Jan 17, 2016
When I was a kid and liked somebody I actually was smart enough to memorise a love song and sang it at recess........ I know I'm weird......
Angie12789 Angie12789 Jan 17, 2016
Me- When I was five years old I had a crush on.........chocolate
                              Jack- Oh my gosh I'm so sorry but its your fault for having no social life 
                              Me- Goodnight everybody! *leaves*
Xx_Ginger_Savage_xX Xx_Ginger_Savage_xX Jan 11, 2016
When I first read that, I thought it actually meant playing with royal BLOOD. and I was like........... Ok?
memei42 memei42 Dec 25, 2015
jelsacomicz jelsacomicz Dec 24, 2015
A five year old having a crush? Thats a first. Jack you really are somethin special. Most five year old boys are annoying