On the Road with my Enemy

On the Road with my Enemy

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Emilia E. By the-art-of-red Completed

Jesse and Kathy are enemies. What they have in common is that their best friends are dating. 

This summer, Kathy is forced to go on a road trip with everyone, including Jesse. 

Will they get on each other's nerves? Or will things start to change between the two enemies? 

Completed and rewritten: August 2016 
Teen Fiction #201: 20th April 2016

Written by: Emilia E.
Edited by: Samantha D.

e0606016889 e0606016889 Mar 18
If she was previously looking for her phone charger wouldn't it be dead by now?
greenfjd greenfjd Nov 14
Mmmmmboi how can you say you're enemies if you've never really fought
                              Of course she hates you!!
                              You don't give her the D soon enough then shell get cranky as my grandma on crack
                              CUZ IF YOU ARE THEN THANK YOU CUZ I WANT TO SLEEP WITH MY BABY*winks at Jesse*
                              *Jesse gulps and walks away*
I really don't get guy logic. A girl ain't gonna fall if you treat her like crap!
greenfjd greenfjd Nov 14
The best thing is your enemy knows you just like a best friend but uses that against you