Born In The Mafia

Born In The Mafia

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Sawada Tsunayoshi 'Tsuna' is forgotten by his father Iemitsu's because his younger twin brother Sawada Takeo 'Ta-kun' looks so much like him and Tsuna stood just in his way. His Mother Nana an Tako think his older son/brother died. Nana has problems with that she loved both her sons deeply. Whele Tako he just somethimes wished he had his brother. But being populair, bully first class and a snob (if you ask me!)it doesn't bother him.

But Tsuna knows the truth about everything because Reborn and every Arcobaleno told him about it. Now he is an top class Hitman and spion. He goes with reborn to Japan to train Tako as Vongola Decimo.

Pairing 1827 (HibarixTsuna)

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ju7393 ju7393 Mar 26, 2016
Seriously.  Just how jealous is?
                              Kill everyone hotter than him, *sigh*.
CieloDeSora CieloDeSora Apr 14, 2016
Hahahaha the scene of lemitsu blabbering about his son and wife is funny
ju7393 ju7393 Mar 26, 2016
That's wonderful Tsuna.
                              ٩(๑′∀ ‵๑)۶•*¨*•.¸¸♪ I feel a bit better after he got slapped.  You must have made Lal proud.
CieloDeSora CieloDeSora Apr 14, 2016
Wow.Lal slap style..ohhhh...thats gonna leave a mark😆😋
ju7393 ju7393 Mar 26, 2016
He finishes saying he can beat Hibari, then h passes out from fear.  *Sigh* pathetic.