Marrying The Devil

Marrying The Devil

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Batoul Dias By batoul_d Updated 7 days ago

"I married the I have to live in Hell."


Jamilah Majid is a strong woman that loves all aspects of life and has an adoration for simplicity.

Karim Khalil is man that loves luxury, hates poverty and likes having the upper hand always, regardless of the situation.

The two of them are bonded by an agreement that their parents made long before they were born, and Jamilah is expected to fulfil her marital obligations humbly, but he doesn't make it any easier for her.

Also, the fact that her heart belongs to another man.

Love, anger, distrust.
All this revolves around their world once they are together, and Jamilah against her will, falls in love with him.

But, would he fall in love with her?

xobird xobird Jul 14
I care for no tittle! As selfish as it sounds I'm better off as a coward than a hero. No way I'm dying
beatlefart beatlefart Jun 27
Aaaw 😰 she's brave though, I would never do such a thing, not even for my dying father!
beatlefart beatlefart Jun 27
Oh, I feel sad for her. "Acting like a good wife", poor girl. ❤