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Mirroring A Mirror (BoyxBoy)

Mirroring A Mirror (BoyxBoy)

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Joy8ells By Joy8ells Updated May 22


I looked over to him for a split second, snapping my head back before anyone noticed. I tried to concentrate on my grandma as she told us why we were currently in her house at four in the morning. I let my eyes wander for a second, of course they 'wandered' in his direction again. My gaze shot to the floor as we made eye contact, just long enough to see his amused smirk.

I reached my hand up, running it through my short hair and fixing a few stray strands, sticking out of place. I paused when I noticed we'd done it again, mirrored each other. Only this time I had realised and stopped, waiting for him to finish fixing his hair, before I fixed mine. I hated it when we were so in sync but I couldn't help it, we were always in sync. 

Being identical twins meant we were always together, whether at home or in school, we were always put together. I guess it helped to tell us apart if we were together, spot the difference. Lucky for us, being put together meant we were forced to be friendly towards one another since birth. That, thankfully lead to us actually becoming really good friends and not just hating each other our whole lives.

Since nobody could tell us apart unless we were right next to one another, we stayed, right next to the other, every moment, in every situation. We never left each other's side, not for anything, and since he was the most authoritative of the two of us, we tended to hang out with the friends he chose. I didn't mind, he was the one I wanted to be around so anything that he wanted, I would give him. No matter what I had to go through or endure..

Contains boy on boy (gayromance/boyslove)
Smut (not appropriate for all ages in some chapters)
Incest/twincest (brotherxbrother/twinxtwin)

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__Damaged__ __Damaged__ May 14
cool that they already know what they want before the book begins
So he's basically just telling us who's top and who's bottom.
narrysbish narrysbish May 12
This reminds me of when me and my sister would practically LIVE at our grandmas house during summer.
                              So many memories :')
                              Sadly my sister is a bitchh and we dont get along anymore
Chloe_Pont Chloe_Pont Jun 03
I would love to have a twin (a male twin) which would be pretty awesome considering I'm a Gemini ♊
Chloe_Pont Chloe_Pont Jun 03
My friend's boyfriend is called Luke and his friend/flat mate/colleague is called Nate. Nye, Nate almost the same. They will have the same ship name... Nuke
Can someone help by giving me the pronunciation of his name please