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My Snowflake ➵ Carlos de Vil

My Snowflake ➵ Carlos de Vil

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something By stormdog101 Updated Sep 13, 2016

Previously known as: Frostbite

Snow Frost is the daughter of Queen Elsa and Jack Frost.She can control ice like her parents but,unfortunately,can't fly like her dad.
As soon as she discovers she would be going to A.P,she immediately packs.
When she gets there,surprisingly,the villain kids welcome her with open arms.She gets quite comfortable with these villain kids and turns out, they aren't even bad.But there's one villain that caught her eye the most.
She gets settled in her new home, but a part of her says'don't get comfortable, bad things are gonna happen, you won't like it'.At first, she didn't understand, but when her parents get captured by the Boogey Man, she'll have to find a way to save them along with Mal,sarcastic magic user,Evie,gorgeous mirror wielder, Jay, the best thief around, and finally, Carlos, techie dork boy, also known as the villain who caught Snow's eye.

Crown2004 Crown2004 Aug 15, 2016
I love skirts
                              If you try and make me wear a dress I'll kill you
HiccaJacksonFrost14 HiccaJacksonFrost14 Jul 13, 2016
For the first time in forever
                              I hated a song from Disney straight away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shotgunned shotgunned Nov 01, 2016
Lmao it's the nickname he uses for the girls he flirts with but okay I'll take my incest thoughts somewhere else
QuueenKay QuueenKay Sep 13, 2016
Love how I'm the only one that likes dresses because they are simple and easy to just slip on if your in a rush.... But hey, i take no offense! :) just wanted to show the positives of wearing a dress.
Uhh why does everyone think that?! It's so stupid! LEARN ABOUT TOMBOYS AND OTHER PEOPLE FOR ONCE!
the_Night_Howler the_Night_Howler Aug 12, 2016
I agree, my parents always has to pay me to wear a dress or a skirt XD