Twisted Staircase (StanXKyle)

Twisted Staircase (StanXKyle)

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Kyle By KahlTheJew Updated Mar 24, 2017

Disbelief, regret, misunderstanding, and chaos. After a bottle of secrets is opened between two best friends, they begin to share a unique bond some call love.

The gang are all in senior year of high school

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Don't be fooled by the number of parts, we like to try and keep the chapters long. Lots of development can happen in just one chapter!

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wintxrlilyisinactive wintxrlilyisinactive Jun 04, 2017
emerald green eyes
                              "am i gay??"
                              stan fantasizing about his best friend
jiminiesmolhandz jiminiesmolhandz Dec 15, 2017
*cough cough*
                              I wasn't expecting this, and this is the first time I found a Clyde x Kyle ship.
                              Very well done. 👏👏👏
wintxrlilyisinactive wintxrlilyisinactive Jun 04, 2017
Craig + Kyle = this one girl that seems to read every fanfiction ever written months after they were released
                              I'm the Kyle of Wattpad
ltnkopi ltnkopi Apr 07, 2017
The smart kid and the dumb kid... Why do I kind of like this?
TheLunarChronicles78 TheLunarChronicles78 Dec 29, 2017
Hmmm... I don't know... I don't think fantasizing about kissing your same-sex best friend makes you gay at ALL...
*Hears the faint cries of fangirls*
                              To be honest I may actually like Clyde. But obviously had aged up because a 13 year old should not like a 10 year old lol