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The Silver Wolf (Gaara x Oc) [COMPLETED]

The Silver Wolf (Gaara x Oc) [COMPLETED]

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That random Eevee ^^; By Eevee0607 Completed

Hikari Sarutobi was Rescued and Adopted by Hiruzen Sarutobi, the 3rd Hokage. She was discovered to have the Silver Wolf inside of her. Her birth name is unknown, and so is her surname. Nobody knows if she even has a clan. 

   She enters the academy and recognizes the lonliness in a young Naruto Uzumaki's eyes. She can see under the happy, smily, prankster mask he wears, and see the frown, the grimace, the tears, the snot...

   She befriends the blonde jinjuriki with open arms.

   Joining with team 7 on her ninja adventures, her dream is to have a family of her own. Someone to call hers. Also to protect said people. When she meets a redheaded jinjuriki, will he be the one?

   Will trouble occur when Sasuke finally admits he likes her, more than a comrade, teammate, or even a friend?

   And what about Gaara, who needs her love more than anything, needing the nurturing warmth of love?

   Will they battle for her love, or settle it peacefully?

Gaara x oc!

(EDIT: First Fanfic! Beware of cringyness...)

YuiHasNoLife YuiHasNoLife Sep 11, 2016
It's so blocky .0.
                              Not to be rude but it's hard for me to read. But I'll read it anyways!!! I looks good.
                              I know this is a little late but add spaces between lines when people talk.