Imagine If You Assembled the Avengers: Volume 1

Imagine If You Assembled the Avengers: Volume 1

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imagine-assembling-the-avengers By imagine-avengers Completed

WINNER: Marvel Fanfiction Awards 2016
Best Imagines/Preferences/One Shots

A collection of reader insert ( x reader) imagines/one-shots/fics of the Avengers and a few other Marvel characters.  FYI:  The reader dies in a couple of them, and in my universe, Steve swears sometimes.  :)  

As per usual, I own none of the characters, as much as I may wish to.

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Cover art by: @OvertlyObsessed

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schist_happens_ schist_happens_ 6 days ago
I have multiple scars on my right leg from when I tore my acl and had to have a serious surgery
AdriLynnReyes AdriLynnReyes 6 days ago
And I want Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan. We all want things we can't have kid.
0b5e55ed 0b5e55ed Dec 07
So, someone (Bruce) saved me from HYDRA, only to keep me instead of giving me back to my father? Take all the breakable things on my person and hold them when I go Fangirl Mode on Bruce.....
OceanShadow OceanShadow 5 days ago
The feeling you are scared about when i leave is exactly what Stark has been feeling the past 13 years
schist_happens_ schist_happens_ 6 days ago
I hate it when people do that. If you’re not going to listen then don’t ask
Aria_Blazze Aria_Blazze 7 days ago
How did I go from Tony Stark to Bruce Wayne? Like, just explain this amazing logic to me. From one rich company owning superhero to another. MARVEL to DC.