Akame ga kill Male reader insert

Akame ga kill Male reader insert

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Red Kakaskai By pkwriterRed5 Updated Jan 27

You are just a strange person. No one likes you too much. Your father ignores you and everyone else within your family is gone.
The one and only person that seems to give a dam about you, is your best friend.
Then you enter the world of Akame ga kill.
You know perfectly well that being sucked into your favorite anime is something very bad.
Yet, the first words to leave your mouth at this discovery.
"Fuck it. Why not?"

It's surprising how much these made up people can actually care.


There will be A LOT of swearing in this book...
(Kinda your character's shtick...)
Of course gore, character death, and suggestive themes will also be in here as well.

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Lionrp Lionrp Jun 04, 2017
So I guess next chapter we meet Tatsumi and possibly night raid.
Yancena Yancena Sep 20, 2017
Lets start a Reader owned counter every time our hero gets hurt, I'll start
                              Reader Owned: 1
Lionrp Lionrp May 29, 2017
Nice work on the rewrite.  Cool that we met Seryu so early, it helps feed her crush on us. 
                              Also,  given how both Shade and us like Dark Souls,  I could see an age of dark/fire around the end given our respective teigu.
M4rionette M4rionette Jul 22, 2017
I'm imagining Tokyo ghoul's Jason as the Doc who used those tools
Samesodo Samesodo Apr 10, 2017
He could be on a game console with crunch roll or something installed
Lionrp Lionrp Jun 10, 2017
Three days, this is actually pretty good for such a short period of time.