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The Mafia And His Angel (Tainted Hearts, #1,2&3)

The Mafia And His Angel (Tainted Hearts, #1,2&3)

41M Reads 258K Votes 20 Part Story
Lylah James By HumB01 Completed

The Mafia and His Angel, a love story of a lifetime - a love story between two broken souls yet they found peace in each other. 

#1 in romance, with 40 Million Views and 1.3 million votes #Aylessio

ONLY PREVIEW! The book has been picked up by a publisher, hence the rest of the book has been taken down. 


Cold, Ruthless, Heartless, Arrogant, Killer, unlovable.
These are all the words that Russian Mafia Boss, Alessio Ivanshov goes by. He's respected and feared by all. He can't love or be loved. The Mafia life is all he knows until he finds a beaten up girl, hiding under his bed.
What happens when the Mafia Boss finds love? Or is he even capable of love? Can Ayla, the broken girl melt the ice and break through the walls around Alessio's cold heart? Will their love survive? 

Trigger warning: Some scenes may include rape and cutting/suicide attempts.
(This book is recommended to 17+. It contains mature subject and dark themes such as explicit kidnapping, murder and rape. There's also explicit sex scenes. Read at your own risk. This book is  unedited so you'll find some grammatical errors)

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! This book is owned by me (Lylah James) and I hold all copyrights documentation. 

Please follow and keep the book in your library if you want to know the release dates and where to purchase it. As of now, the book is still in the first stage of publishing. When I have more news, I will let you know.

Why can't I see/read the other chapters. there's only 20 chapters why???
Like hell am I coming back in 4 years. NOBODY CAN STOP MEEEE
Hope there is someone who want to translate to indonesian language😓
I'm confused by the name... The mafia can't just be one person, it's an entire complex? So how does the mafia have an angel and why is there a personal pronoun
ixmeliexi ixmeliexi Apr 20
I dont care, im underagedbut idgaf. live kife the fullessstttt
Every body here is 14 years old.... YAY I AM TOO!! * teen five*