Being held prisoner(zerlu)

Being held prisoner(zerlu)

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RediXIII By midnight-light Completed

Lucy Heartfilia, a kind, sweet,smart and beautiful celestial wizard accompanies Natsu on a mission one day. Though, that mission may lead her to a roller coasters of emotions..
     Zeref kidnaps Lucy as bait for Natsu and the crew to come get her. Though, he never thought of how Lucy's actions and reactions might change him .  

"To think this little girl is the one thing I can't give away"

What will zeref do when the time comes where he has no choice but to let her go?

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LiTtLePiNkGirl2006 LiTtLePiNkGirl2006 Apr 25, 2017
                              I Didn't Knew That Karate Even Exists In Fairy Tail!!!!😂😂😂😂
zoey0610 zoey0610 May 30, 2017
Thanks for making Zeref Emo like I am in real life so not offensive 😂
LiTtLePiNkGirl2006 LiTtLePiNkGirl2006 Apr 25, 2017
YOU LLLLLLIKE HER!!!!!! (Said Like How Wendy Said In Ova 2 And Like Happy In  Episode 29) [Did Happy Said That In Episode 29 Or Some Other Episode!]
kuramafire kuramafire Sep 16, 2017
Kid: How did you meet mom?
                              Zeref: I captured her and she broke out of the cell and kicked me in the face
KingofHeavenandHell KingofHeavenandHell Oct 12, 2017
Frickin' Lucy Kicks, man. Like, Lucy could make a fortune teaching self-defense.
Lucy_Heavenfire_1029 Lucy_Heavenfire_1029 Jul 03, 2017
all my life I'v been waiting for
                              I'v been waiting for
                              for Zeref to say that
                              And he will ask her out
                              he will ask her out on a date
                              and thy will get married and have children to watch
                              some day (6x)
                              I like to sing about them now!!!