The nine generals (Ja'far x reader)

The nine generals (Ja'far x reader)

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Procrastinator 101 By Naye1802 Completed

On a cold night, someone breaks into the palace of Sindria and attempts to kill the King, Sinbad. The assassin is (Name). Before she could kill Sinbad, she is stopped by Ja'far. He looks at her with his Snake-like eyes, and a shiver rolls down (Name)'s spine. She was obliged to kill the king of Sindria, to set free her clan that was captured by Sham Lash, an assassin organisation. To take her revenge on them, Sinbad proposes to her to be a part of Sindria's Generals.  It was else this, or being killed by Ja'far. Not having another choice, she accepts. And that's how her life as the ninth general began. Will she be able to take revenge? How is her new life going to be? And what is those feelings towards  Ja'far the ex-assassin that are blossoming in her?

[UPDATE: I deleted the sequel 'cause I am no longer in the Magi fandom. I mean, I'm still in it, but I've lost a bit of interest. And my writer's block was not helping. I'm a lame author, aren't I?]

[UPDATE#2: currently under major editing]

Lumberjack_Anime Lumberjack_Anime Dec 31, 2016
Pfft, if this were me, I'd probably end up throwing a hissy fit. Or just try to escape.
Magifanficrec Magifanficrec Mar 31, 2016
I often like meeting my soul mate while trying to kill his boss. <3 -Rei
What a nice way to say hi TO SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO KILL U 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Animecatmagi Animecatmagi Nov 11, 2016
I/Oc Gave up so easily!? I would've punched him.(for my life)
_Anime_Bubbles_ _Anime_Bubbles_ Nov 15, 2016
why would i give up so easily?! i would've at least struggled a bit...
Maenaemayham Maenaemayham Nov 06, 2016
As for you.
                              As the twin sis of black*star the assasin who holds the power of black*twinkle I will personally FVCK you up
                              For more details check out my book alone and afraid
                              What did I just write 0____0