Strange Wolf

Strange Wolf

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Suicidal Queen By SuicidalQueenRules Completed

Ryan, short, short tempered, strange.

Ryan is the only wolf in his pack, that can not shift. He is already over 18, and everybody shuns him because of it.

The Rouge King. Crazy, strange and terrifying? How about sexy.

Have you ever tasted pineapple covered with chocolate? It tastes, as Shane would say, fit for the gods! Oh, and coffee beans covered in chocolate. I had that on the Colombian airport and it was DROOL WORTHY
chocolate...? if i had i mate i'd want them to smell like chocolate... *drools*
Haha, just randomly stating that :p although mangos do smell very nice if I say so myself XD
Obviously his mate, but who smells like chocolate of all things...
There are a few grammatical errors, it should be "My brother Luke is strong and healthy and is currently living with his mate"
chia2oo2 chia2oo2 Aug 08
                              Delicious.......*drools*  OH, CRAP MY PHONE!!!