Neko-Boy X Reader ~ A 'Little' Secret

Neko-Boy X Reader ~ A 'Little' Secret

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Victoria By XxxiMaGiNaTiOnxxxX Updated Mar 15

So... You find this little golden-furred kitten in your backyard while it's raining, looking sick and pitiful. So what do you do? Of course, you don't leave it out in the rain, you take it in secretly. But what happens... When this beautiful kitten turns into a handsome boy?


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Mikayo_Aki Mikayo_Aki Feb 03
I have to tell my friend that a lot then he says “look in a mirror” and all I want to do is punch him in the face.
X_LunaShips_X X_LunaShips_X Sep 27, 2016
Back From Watching An Episode (FIRST TIME!YUS) And This Helps Me Keep Calm Of The Horrible Attitude Touka Gave..(I Think That's How You Spell It?) ...She's Scary 😢
nyaabear2000 nyaabear2000 May 21, 2016
You sound fun! At some point we should go ride cookies together!
Mikey_Way_Is_The_Way Mikey_Way_Is_The_Way Jul 27, 2016
Me and him can get high together! I can have the pot and he can have catnip!
                              (I don't do drugs. I don't condone doing drugs either)
_lost_nightmares_ _lost_nightmares_ Jun 30, 2016
I am reading this my sis cause I lost a bet and when it said -Wicked Smile- I looked up to see my sis licking her lips
GingaNeko GingaNeko Dec 17, 2016
Funny thing my character is named indigo and has indigo eyes