erotic ||| frerard

erotic ||| frerard

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rat toro By frnkier-o Updated Feb 22

frank iero: well known punk fuckboy.

insert gerard way, a gay boy with a basement habitat, with slight chub and a big obsession with dungeons and dragons.

"There, in all it's glory, was a kik username taped onto the urinal.


Im_trash_hi Im_trash_hi Jun 20
See, I WANT to draw women like that, even tho I'm pan, for ARTISTIC PURPOSES, but literally everyone I know will think I'm a perv. EVEN THO IM A FEMALE MYSELF
Anarrk42 Anarrk42 Jun 27
i know english, and how to say i am bread in german... i guess ill have to resort to google translate
neverender- neverender- Jul 05
Woah 8th period? How long do they go for? My school used to have 6 48 minute periods but they changed it and now we have 5 1 hour periods.
fordelia fordelia Aug 17
No mom, I'm not jerking off to these pictures of beautiful women in lingerie that I keep on my phone. It's for my ~art~
neverender- neverender- Jul 05
Girls 👌🏼. Boys 👌🏼. Non conforming peoples 👌🏼.
This is totally random, but if you want to see Pete's dicc pics, all you have to do is search it up on Google....
                              Don't ask me how I know this, I just got curious on day ok?