Adopted by Jacksepticeye

Adopted by Jacksepticeye

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Midnightstar99 By Midnightstar99 Updated 5 days ago

A story about the friendliest youtuber on the internet! :3

Hannah and her best friend Lucia watch Jacksepticeye everyday together. But, will a plane incident jeopardise their lives forever, or change them for the better?

And - Does Jackaboys girlfriend like Hannah or want to kill her?

Cover by - Racer2018 @racer2018

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Lolwut72 Lolwut72 Jul 05, 2016
danphiland1dislife danphiland1dislife Dec 24, 2016
SHUT UP BECKY NOBODY CARES ABPUT YOU-Jessica aka Danisnotonfire as a woman
galaxygamer234 galaxygamer234 Nov 10, 2016
Ya I'm in this
                              If your wandering why I said that it was because my name's Hannah
- - Aug 13, 2016
😭😦😱😶😒😑 made meh cry for nuthun..
Swooshyswoosh Swooshyswoosh Jul 02, 2016
:DDDDDDDDDDD It's funny, my Cousin and I are watching Jacksepticeye. XD
KatLover162 KatLover162 Dec 29, 2016
this is a random comment because there was only 91  comments now there is 92 I can sleep happily now x3