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Pretty Boy (A Jacob Satorius fan Fic) COMPLETED

Pretty Boy (A Jacob Satorius fan Fic) COMPLETED

53.8K Reads 1K Votes 16 Part Story
Hello By hotspecies Completed

Cover Done By @fransokyo

nightsparen nightsparen Aug 21, 2016
Holy Cow. This Shït is so bad. I wonder what fat 12 year is reading this,sees it, and then makes a chapter about "DEZ HATERZ."
gangseys gangseys Aug 21, 2016
b o i you're whoremoans haven't even developed properly yet c h i l l
PastelWhipCream PastelWhipCream Dec 29, 2016
I'm reading this because my friend said if you're sad just read this and boom happiness
rllycth rllycth Aug 13, 2016
Here *gives him ice cold holy water* "you seem pretty thirsty " *blesses him* "you need Jesus"
- - Nov 15, 2016
Ya know every book always starts when someone is moving to a different state 😂😂😂
The-Creepy-Games The-Creepy-Games Sep 06, 2016
This hate 🙄 people should mind their own freaking business