stylan tour 2k17 ↣ narry

stylan tour 2k17 ↣ narry

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yari & sara By penarries Updated Aug 07

❝yeah, we decided to continue. we still don't have a name for this tour - but there was a good name on twitter, something about stylan. ❞

in which niall and harry don't want to drop their music career, so they begin their own tour.

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Even an I phone 5S ends up looking like a Nokia 1100 in that Giant's hand.
I just want that to trend that on twitter and them announcing that the hiatus is over and end this lifelong misery. I am scarce of fangirling material. There is a drought in my collection.....
When I marry someone.
                              At least when u get into a commited relationship.
nxrrysbum nxrrysbum Jul 09
Most Narry stories I've read that have Louis in them, Louis is usually a birch
Never bítch. you wish... Larry Funeral was held in November 2012... The End. Narry is the new larry.
I say something similar 
                              "My head is pounding like a dick in a vagina"