My First Daddy

My First Daddy

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For Eva life was a constant routine. She did the same thing every day and nothing changed. That is until she met Tobias, a ruggedly handsome man that understood her and her desires. A man that took care of her and treated her like a Princess.

"Eva, I want you do give yourself to me so I can look after you and care for you," he looks at me lovingly making me mesmerised. "like a Daddy."


(This is my first DD/LG book. If someone is in this lifestyle and wants to give me pointers on how I should portray my characters to make them better. Feel free to message me..)


_camsbootay_ _camsbootay_ 4 days ago
SIKE I'm turning 17 soon and I won't even hesitate to watch lilo & stitch
NEVER TELL A STRANGER YOU JUST MET  YOUR ADDRESS. Earn his/her trust first. You never know. They may be a serial killer kidnapper ect
Bro he calls you little one and baby girl after staring at you for 2 months I think you'll be fine
SAME. Mainly cause my hair is at my butt so I feel at connection 😂
shawshaw2700 shawshaw2700 2 days ago
This much nickname calling is rare and practicaly unheard of. Most need to be in a comitied relationship for that.