Bad luna

Bad luna

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SK is the most feared Gangleader and alpha's daughter in the world.her father Alpha Hernandez is the most feared alpha in the world. If there is one thing she hates more than rogues its people that don't respect Her. She has a big brother named Alex who will do anything to protect her, and his parents. She has a best friend named smokey (Jacob) but if you call him his real name well let's just say your a dead person walking. SK is feared for many things killings, robberies, drug smuggling and drug selling. The police know it's her they're just to scared to tell because if they do their families get slaughtered. Nobody knows her real name exept her family and best friend.She has a lot of secrets one being she is the last white wolf in the world.

Adam pierce is the second most feared alpha. He is known for taking what he wants when he wants it. He is known for his extremely good looks and body.At 21 he hasn't found his mate yet when he goes to bloodmoon pack to make a treaty with Alpha hernandez not only will there he find peace for his pack, but also his mate and Luna.

What will happen when these two meet? Will SK accept him?or just flat out reject him? Will Adam accept rejection from her? Or take her by force still knowing what she does and is capable of?

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This 🔊 amazing 😉 I got chills there're multiplying 👻👻👻
ladybug2907 ladybug2907 Oct 31
Wow so basically she ain't a wolf but a god cause I swear she literally can't be beaten rite
xPisie_ xPisie_ Aug 05
her house is up there but theres no pic so that means shes homeless right?
So, animal control? So you hunt down animals and take then to the pound? I didn't know that was a power.
The blank nothingness of her house if just amazing I can't believe she lives their it's amazing isn't it 👍