Wait... I'm Living With Seven Sex-Crazed Brothers? (BrotherxSister) *Book 2

Wait... I'm Living With Seven Sex-Crazed Brothers? (BrotherxSister) *Book 2

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"He pushed me down, "I love you, Crystal."

"I-I'm you're little sister." I quickly said, avoiding his eye contact.

"You're my step-sister." he corrected me. "That's why you need to let me show you how much I love you."

I was so distracted and confused, "I-I can't..."

He grabbed my cheek and forced me to look at him, "Jamie doesn't have to know about us-"

That seemed to make me mad.

I pushed him away, "Why do you think you claim us!? I'm your sister and Jamie doesn't own me!"


"Just stay away from me!" I said, stomping to the door. "You're an inconsiderate jerk who thinks he owns-"

"But I do own you."

I rolled my eyes and turned around, "What the hell are you talking about?"

He showed me a picture of us, naked in bed, having sex. I quickly took it out of his hand, "You were taking pictures!? We were drunk! That night meant absolutely nothing!"

"I got more." he casually said.

"We were drunk! It was a mistake! It doesn't mean a thing!" I said, panicking.

He smirked and said, "Crystal, Crystal, Crystal... either you come into my bedroom tonight or I slide these pictures of us underneath our parents pillow-"

"You idiot, you do know you'll get into trouble to!" I said, panicking.

He smirked and said, "You think I'm worried about that? If I can't have Hanna than why don't I have her hot ass sister?"

"You're twisted." I said, pissed off. I stomped to the door.

"You slept with this twisted guy." he chuckled.

I slammed the door closed and ran towards my room. I made a huge mistake! What am I suppose to do?

I bumped into someone. I fell on the ground, "I'm sorry, Hanna..."

Hanna rubbed her head and got off the ground, "I been looking everywhere for you."

"He's framing me!" I blurted out as tears formed in my eyes.

"For what?" she asked, helping me up.

"Because we slept together..." I said, ashamed of myself. I got drunk and-

I looked up and saw Jamie standing there. My heart dropped.

"You... slept with him?"

RainDropPop RainDropPop May 05
This is such a confusing book. There are so many characters and so many things going on
I thought that Crystal liked Jamie, is Simba the one framing her?
xabida xabida Aug 30
Dafuq? You can't fall in love with someone else while you're committed to someone. That's messed up.
xabida xabida Aug 30
Sorry cheating is a touchy subject for me.  I would've like the book more if it didn't include that.
Im so confused with this storyline. There's to many characters to remember😓😓
ShadowPrincess37 ShadowPrincess37 Jan 02, 2016
I never got to finish the first book. Who did crystal sleep with?