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Wait... I'm Living With Seven Sex-Crazed Brothers? (BrotherxSister) *Book 2

Wait... I'm Living With Seven Sex-Crazed Brothers? (BrotherxSister) *Book 2

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Heart By Purely Updated Apr 27, 2016


"He pushed me down, "I love you, Crystal."

"I-I'm you're little sister." I quickly said, avoiding his eye contact.

"You're my step-sister." he corrected me. "That's why you need to let me show you how much I love you."

I was so distracted and confused, "I-I can't..."

He grabbed my cheek and forced me to look at him, "Jamie doesn't have to know about us-"

That seemed to make me mad.

I pushed him away, "Why do you think you claim us!? I'm your sister and Jamie doesn't own me!"


"Just stay away from me!" I said, stomping to the door. "You're an inconsiderate jerk who thinks he owns-"

"But I do own you."

I rolled my eyes and turned around, "What the hell are you talking about?"

He showed me a picture of us, naked in bed, having sex. I quickly took it out of his hand, "You were taking pictures!? We were drunk! That night meant absolutely nothing!"

"I got more." he casually said.

"We were drunk! It was a mistake! It doesn't mean a thing!" I said, panicking.

He smirked and said, "Crystal, Crystal, Crystal... either you come into my bedroom tonight or I slide these pictures of us underneath our parents pillow-"

"You idiot, you do know you'll get into trouble to!" I said, panicking.

He smirked and said, "You think I'm worried about that? If I can't have Hanna than why don't I have her hot ass sister?"

"You're twisted." I said, pissed off. I stomped to the door.

"You slept with this twisted guy." he chuckled.

I slammed the door closed and ran towards my room. I made a huge mistake! What am I suppose to do?

I bumped into someone. I fell on the ground, "I'm sorry, Hanna..."

Hanna rubbed her head and got off the ground, "I been looking everywhere for you."

"He's framing me!" I blurted out as tears formed in my eyes.

"For what?" she asked, helping me up.

"Because we slept together..." I said, ashamed of myself. I got drunk and-

I looked up and saw Jamie standing there. My heart dropped.

"You... slept with him?"

Ukiyo8 Ukiyo8 May 05
This is such a confusing book. There are so many characters and so many things going on
I thought that Crystal liked Jamie, is Simba the one framing her?
Im so confused with this storyline. There's to many characters to remember😓😓
VunDulle VunDulle May 12, 2016
Maybe it had no warning. O.o The "Mature Content" and probably, some person reported it.
ShadowPrincess37 ShadowPrincess37 Jan 02, 2016
I never got to finish the first book. Who did crystal sleep with?
GentleLight GentleLight Dec 13, 2015
I couldn't read the first book. Why did the other one get deleted?