A Cry From A Hybrid (Sans x Reader)

A Cry From A Hybrid (Sans x Reader)

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PsychoKitten926 By PsychoKitten926 Updated May 27, 2016

Being a 21 year old wasn't easy, especially for you. After an attempted suicide that ended in you meeting a certain skeleton, your life got flipped upside down. And now you have... powers?!

Hey! This is my first ever story haha don't kill me ;-; um, I'll have to drop a trigger warning for suicide sooo... Don't read if you're easily triggered by such things okay? other than that enjoy the story yay this is gonna be a trainwreck! 


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PTXfangirl15 PTXfangirl15 Jun 27, 2017
I have Cpap...it helps my condition and somehow helps me sleep.
theundertalelover6 theundertalelover6 Jul 25, 2017
Why she crying? Because she just got dunked on!!!! Aka saved from being almost killed by herself
LilLightningBug LilLightningBug Mar 18, 2017
From top to bottom, everyone's message is that they love your story.
                              My message is,it's got a great storyline,and it's well-written. I mean,what's not to like?
"Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies" 
                              "Thanks, have a nice day!"
Peanut_Shellz Peanut_Shellz Jun 11, 2017
Me- *triggered* WHY ARE YOU IN MY HOUSE?!
                              Me- STALKER!!
Peanut_Shellz Peanut_Shellz Jun 11, 2017
What? Sans? Why? Did? You? Save me? IF YOU LOVE ME LET ME GOOOOOOOOO