Of Sweets & Secrets (Yumeiro Pâtissière)

Of Sweets & Secrets (Yumeiro Pâtissière)

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Sayuri Amagi By x_meloette Updated Sep 29, 2016

Honoka Sakurako is the epitome of perfection.

She's the favourite student of Henri Lucas, the recipient of seventeen pastry awards, and became the first middle schooler ever to be a student council president.

Her name is renowned throughout St. Marie Academy. Last year, she came out the World Cake Grand Prix victorious and has been residing in a private dormitory.

A visit from her mentor changes everything and she's forced to return to her homeland, Japan, in hopes of rekindling relationships with those she left behind and study in the Japanese subsidiary for one year.

This year will bring many changes to her life: great and terrible. Especially when she encounters three different guys...

Kashino x Female OC

[ Chapter six is currently being edited. ]

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Lunar_Moon_Crystal Lunar_Moon_Crystal Sep 16, 2017
Dates? You mean dates by some ingredients or like literally dating? -_-
AKira606 AKira606 Mar 05, 2017
I feel like she should say 'Thanks' or something since she's beaming.
AKira606 AKira606 Mar 05, 2017
In the second part of the sentence , I'm pretty sure 'Tous' isn't needed.
AKira606 AKira606 Mar 05, 2017
'Il y' in this case means 'There', as in a place or 'There is'. Also, 'let's go' in French is 'Allons- y'
AKira606 AKira606 Mar 05, 2017
The 2nd sentence could be 'Il a l'air chère' and the next one could be 'Je n'ai pas besoin de quelque comme ça'
AKira606 AKira606 Mar 05, 2017
In French, only girls have to add that extra 'e' at the end of their adjectives; so Takumi would say 'Enchanté' (even though they both sound the same)