Silly Haikyuu!! Headcanons 2

Silly Haikyuu!! Headcanons 2

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♡孤爪 研磨♡ By OoPureoO Updated May 30, 2016

Silly Haikyuu!! Headacanons 2

Second In The Haikyuu!! Headcanon series

All around headcanons,Short and sweet, Some will be nfsw, alsoo Haikyuu!! crack.

Almost every day [8AM-3PM] Pacific time 

  You can send all types of headcanons/prompts I can post my way. I also take request.

Message me them(i prefer pming me), or just comment one. (I'll credit you)
  There are some rules:
  1. DO NOT SEND SHIP HEADCANONS. Not everyone ships what you ship. Let's be fair.
  2. DO NOT send really long headcanons. We wants them to be short and simple.
  3. DO NOT send any headcanons that are extremely sad. No tear jerkers.
  4. DO NOT send headcanons that involve death. Just don't.
  All headcanons that follow these rules shall be put in the story.

Also please note I don't get to see every comment so if I miss your HeadCanon I'm sorry :/
  [completed] please continue to Silly Haikyuu Headcanons 3

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- - Apr 01, 2016
I read the entire first head cannon book in one morning. Lets see if I can read through this one in the same morning :D *ihavenolifeweeee*
Kurohyozu Kurohyozu Jan 05, 2016
That would be amazing. My little brother watched those countless times.
JustAnotherAnimeFan JustAnotherAnimeFan Nov 17, 2015
Old games arent shitty! Classics are some of the best games! Alot  of modern games lose their story by comparison!
                              (not trying to offend anyone i like modern games too)
Calintha Calintha Nov 17, 2015
Yes! True gamers have to at least try the old games! Especially classics like the original Zelda and Metroid games!