Seduce Me, Bad Boy

Seduce Me, Bad Boy

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xxRandomOne By xxRandomOne Updated Dec 19, 2016

Cole Jarvis. Infuriatingly charming, undoubtedly handsome with his perfectly disheveled brown locks, chiseled jaw line, flawless olive skin, and of course a body resembling a Greek god. All ruined with his arrogant, cocky, enigmatic personality, and his annoying tendency to get on my every nerve with just a couple words. Did i mention his capability of having my mind turn into mushy mess, having my heart on the brink of having a heart attack and making every snappy remark dissipate on the tip of tongue with just a simple touch of his.

 • •

Everybody develops a crush on the notorious bad boy, Cole Jarvis, and when i say everybody, I mean straight guys included. His signature bad boy smirk, perfectly tousled hair, rebellious attitude and natural sexual charisma has everybody swooning, but the one thing that has everybody wanting more is the amazing, unforgettable, mind blowing sex. 

Well, everybody besides the uninterested little virgin Mary, Juliet Harrison.

Juliet Harrison's one and only goal is to get through college with flying colors, whilst attempting to stay miles away from the typical drama. However, that flies straight through the window when  Mr bad boy adds her to his list of most wanted. 

A raging war between her heart, mind and body sets off, as she finds herself being seduced, tempted and on the verge of losing her virginity to Mr bad boy, as he ignites her inner sexual desires.

Warning: Will contain sexual content further into the story.

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SunSuns3t SunSuns3t Nov 29, 2016
Just so you know it doesn't matter because YOU WONT BE GETTING 'EM
SoSoianBlu SoSoianBlu Feb 20, 2016
You disgusting manwhore.... If I was working there I would've gotten my ass fired😂😂😂 can't even...