Beautiful Pain.| Book 3a| Stiles Stilinksi

Beautiful Pain.| Book 3a| Stiles Stilinksi

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Doodle_Romance. By MARYAMMOHAMED89 Completed

This Might Hurt.

You cant beat a pack of Alpha's. 

They are to fast. 

They are to strong. 

To rapid. 

But That doesn't stop Scott, Stiles, Allison, Lydia, Derek and me. We can take care of ourselves. People keep getting hurt. 

Lydia starts a relationship with one of the Alpha twins and Scott becomes a true Alpha. Derek gets visited by the Alpha's and also starts a relationship with our knew English teacher. 

Something happens between me and Stiles and I learn how to use my powers.


Season 3a of Teen Wolf! I don't own teen Wolf, except my character Alissa Argent and my new character Maggie (who is their cousin).

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Hrv_Trip_04 Hrv_Trip_04 Feb 16
He looks so hot with full grown hair 😻 hiss buzz cut was adorkable tho!!
Hrv_Trip_04 Hrv_Trip_04 Feb 17
The only actual unrealistic thing about teen wolf is that no one wants to date stiles!!
-christineslights -christineslights Dec 15, 2017
noooo that means that Alissa can’t heal Allison🤭😫😭
XvoidskyeX XvoidskyeX Oct 25, 2016
Again, please tell me she's not some super powerful chick... 😑😑
tridentB tridentB Dec 16, 2016
eminem is the cause of this, he really did break that birdies neck