Crimson Kisses - Alucard x Reader. (Romance.)

Crimson Kisses - Alucard x Reader. (Romance.)

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HarlequinGrin. By HarlequinGrin Updated Jun 15, 2016

What will it take for Alucard to finally have you as his mate? 

A romantic Hellsing fan fiction packed with twists and turns, secrets will be revealed, blood will be shed and passion will take over.

• (You) - A young girl with amnesia and a very interesting  past.
• Alucard - Your destined lover.
• Seras Victoria - Your trusted friend.
• Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing.
• Walter C. Dornez.
• Luca Reynolds- Your former employer. 
• Luke Valentine & Jan Valentine. 
• Captain Pip Bernadotte & The Wild Geese.
• Father Alexander Anderson. 
& many more character appearances to come!

(Continuously updated!)


{Warning! Some chapters contain: Strong Language, Explicit & Sexual Scenes.}

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missnoir11 missnoir11 Dec 28, 2017
That looks awfully lot like the bar from my kitchen. Without the booze and all
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I like the photo... Its dark and I like the dark... In fact I'm sitting in a dark room right now
werewolvesden werewolvesden Feb 14, 2016
He grins so big I'm surprised she didn't see his fangs, lol. I would of jumped him right on the table, lol, jk jk.
xXbrokenshardsXx xXbrokenshardsXx Jan 03, 2017
Okay maybe I won't XD this is definitely something I would do
xXbrokenshardsXx xXbrokenshardsXx Jan 03, 2017
I kinda wanna work at a bar as my part time job or... Like... A place like Waffle House the second best