Return of the Titans (FIRST DRAFT)

Return of the Titans (FIRST DRAFT)

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H. G. Williams By GraceNightingale Completed

Frankie Taton doesn't understand most of the problems in her life.

Abandoned by her mother. Entombed in a crypt. Cursed with antlers. The only upside to her plight is the friendly mortician that takes care of her, along with a peculiar goose.

But what Frankie doesn't know is that her life, and everything around her, is about to change...


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This program is rated TV-PG-13 for language and violence. We suggest you watch this with the covers up and your cat canoodling beside you. Thank you.

pandorapaws pandorapaws Aug 04, 2016
......? Um...this sounds a bit like undertale doesn't it?....yeah...humans fighting monsters...and the monsters are banished..the king died..yep that's Undertale!
Ritanitatita Ritanitatita Nov 12, 2016
Fall out Boy song gives me a better idea of how to picture the character than any actor would 😂
Cr00kedCrow Cr00kedCrow Nov 16, 2016
This sounds a bit strange. I'd suggest "There are only minor deities" instead. 
                              Not trying to act all high and might or anything, I'm just trying to help.
Cr00kedCrow Cr00kedCrow Nov 16, 2016
I actually have TWO KITTENS canoodling next to me. I have yet to pull up my covers.