Once Winter Became Spring~* (Mystogan x Reader)

Once Winter Became Spring~* (Mystogan x Reader)

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Fallen~* By ThatEczematicFool Updated Dec 28, 2016

Have you ever wanted something more than life...? Something that was always out of your reach...?
Welcome to my world.
I had been in love with Mystogan since we first met, ...but recently I haven't been so certain. The day that dragon slayer was seen before me, my initial views changed.
Love has always been complicated..
But not long ago I had been subjected to an array of heartache.
Who should I choose?
My childhood love...? Or a man I just met...?

Mystogan x Reader


Crooked-Halo Crooked-Halo Oct 16, 2016
I don't even watch Game Of Thrones and I get that reference 😅 maybe because everyone else I know watches it
JustCallMeCyno JustCallMeCyno Oct 07, 2016
                              If you see it you get lemons •//3//•
ShadowYuki ShadowYuki Aug 28, 2016
What... what reference??????
                              What da heckkkkkkkkkkkkk