Dorm 69 (GrayLu)

Dorm 69 (GrayLu)

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enne By HerEleutheromania_ Updated Dec 30, 2017

Lucy Heartfilia enters college as a cash-strapped, working student to keep herself alive. Without any financial support, she doesn't have any money to get herself an individual dorm!

Being forced out of her own will, she decides that it would be all over soon once she gets a promotion at  a local coffee shop that she works at but until that time comes, she has to stay with the inevitable Gray Fullbuster. 

Meet Gray Fullbuster, a hell-bent Casanova with looks and the God-given charms. But since Lucy doesn't know of his existence - she doesn't plan to have any interactions with him. 

Scratch that. She always have conversations with him! Arguments that is. They always fight and tend to never get along with each other!

But along the way, they get stuck into their own mess: fights, secrets and betrayal. 

Will Lucy be able to survive? 
1 girl. 1 boy. 1 undeniable love.

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SavageLevy SavageLevy Jul 16, 2017
So Shipper is the principals assistant 😂 (Shipper is Mira's nickname for me ik it stupid but hush lmao)
nuggetnugget11 nuggetnugget11 Jul 19, 2017
I can tell this is gonna be a great fic just because of the name
Emily_Telltale Emily_Telltale Dec 11, 2017
What if it was Jellal's and you just drank from it...?
sharonz123 sharonz123 Aug 11, 2016
wellll gray should keep his thoughts to him self next chapter
Dstarme Dstarme Feb 16, 2017
I thought that Laxus was Master's grandson..?
Well... Derp. Guess I ain't reading the book tonight, I can't even focus. All I got is something about a coffeeshop... Them Gray has to share a dorm with Lucy aaaand... Thats it. XD 
                              Now... Time to go watch some animmee!!