Maximorph's Smutty Avengers Imagines

Maximorph's Smutty Avengers Imagines

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Meg By maximorphs Updated Feb 07, 2016

Hi there.

These are simply a series of smut one shots or two parters, varying in length, about our favorite superhero team - The Avengers!


- Steve Rogers/Captain America
- Tony Stark/Iron Man
- Bruce Banner/The Hulk
- Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
- Clint Barton/Hawkeye
- Thor Odinson
- Loki Laufeyson
- Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soilder
- Pietro Maximoff/Quicksliver
- Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch
- Vision

I might add other characters from the MCU as I go along.

Quick warning: these will be very smutty - NSFW, as in 18 +. I'll mark the chapters with '(NSFW)' in the title and include the appropriate warnings in an Authors Note. Just so you know ;)

Requests are currently: CLOSED.

Message me with your ideas and I'll see what I can do.

Thank you.

Maximorph's x

EmeraldAgony EmeraldAgony Aug 08, 2016
In literally getting all hot and bothered and my DAD FUCKINGGGG CAME IN MY ROOM AND ASKED ME WHAT I WAS DOING
Bunnyssister14 Bunnyssister14 Nov 28, 2016
Were you supposed to be spilling tea that should've been spilt at the right time NO SO LEAVE THE TEA ON THE TABLE SO YOU DON'T SPILL ANYMORE🐸☕ thank you so very much sir I appreciate it 😊😊😊
Son-Tenya Son-Tenya Aug 06, 2016
Hold on the others are in the room right?
                              Pietro you nasty son of a bitch!
middlenarnias middlenarnias Apr 10, 2016
i feel like the song "sex" by the 1975 could inspire some good pietro smut ;)))
someoneSmuty someoneSmuty Dec 28, 2016
Hmm..........well.........this is gonna come down to something..........totallyyyyyy not this book is totallyyyyyy not about smut
                              (Note the sarcasm)
someoneSmuty someoneSmuty Dec 28, 2016
To be honest he sneaked up on me so I would of smacked him weather I like him or not......