Maximorph's Smutty Avengers Imagines

Maximorph's Smutty Avengers Imagines

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Meg By maximorphs Updated Feb 07

Hi there.

These are simply a series of smut one shots or two parters, varying in length, about our favorite superhero team - The Avengers!


- Steve Rogers/Captain America
- Tony Stark/Iron Man
- Bruce Banner/The Hulk
- Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
- Clint Barton/Hawkeye
- Thor Odinson
- Loki Laufeyson
- Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soilder
- Pietro Maximoff/Quicksliver
- Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch
- Vision

I might add other characters from the MCU as I go along.

Quick warning: these will be very smutty - NSFW, as in 18 +. I'll mark the chapters with '(NSFW)' in the title and include the appropriate warnings in an Authors Note. Just so you know ;)

Requests are currently: CLOSED.

Message me with your ideas and I'll see what I can do.

Thank you.

Maximorph's x

In literally getting all hot and bothered and my DAD FUCKINGGGG CAME IN MY ROOM AND ASKED ME WHAT I WAS DOING
Were you supposed to be spilling tea that should've been spilt at the right time NO SO LEAVE THE TEA ON THE TABLE SO YOU DON'T SPILL ANYMORE🐸☕ thank you so very much sir I appreciate it 😊😊😊
Son-Tenya Son-Tenya Aug 06
Hold on the others are in the room right?
                              Pietro you nasty son of a bitch!
i feel like the song "sex" by the 1975 could inspire some good pietro smut ;)))
And yeah...Sadly we humans do deny the most powerful emotion on Earth
teamJelsa teamJelsa 5 days ago
Loki wedding night smut, the OC, whom I have created and have named Rhiannon, has never been with a man, because the boys never paid her any mind because she's chubby and a nerd, and she has autism, so she's self conscious about her body, so Loki makes an effort to make her comfortable