Time For A Change

Time For A Change

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Silver Remus Lucian Lupin By remus_lucian Updated Nov 02, 2016

"What.....What are you doing.....?" Mafuyu groaned as she was bound by her ropes to the bed. 

"What does it look like?" I whispered, feeling her squirm under me and immediately knew that this was going to be my new addiction. I groped her breast and squeezed it, eliciting whimpers and little screams from her small mouth. 

Mafuyu lay there gasping, "Sasha, take me....."

I wanted to but somehow, something was pushing me away from her and her body. What could it be, I wondered. I thought that after The Great Battle, Nothing could separate me from her again, nothing. I had made it clear with Yuri. 


Alexander Nikolaeveich Hell, also known as Sasha, is a Qwaser. A powerful one at that. He gets everything he wants, everything except Mafuyu, the girl whom he wants......so much. Only that he would not admit. What's worse, a new Qwaser showed up at Athos HQ and Mafuyu could not seem to stop drooling over him. Will Sasha kill him and risk angering Mafuyu's wrath or will he sit there and watch the two get together right in front of his eyes? Only time will tell as a change slowly descends over Athos......

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